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Mother’s Diet can help prevent some cases of Asthma and Allergies.

U.S. researchers who looked at more than 1,200 mother-child pairs between 1999 and 2002 found that greater intake of peanuts, milk and wheat during early pregnancy was tied to reduced rates of midchildhood allergies and asthma. The findings were published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Analysis of the data found that higher consumption of peanuts by pregnant women in their first trimester was associated with a 47 percent decreased odds of peanut allergic reactions in mid-childhood.

Higher consumption of milk in the first trimester of pregnancy was associated with a 17 percent decrease in chance of mid-childhood asthma.

In the second trimester, higher wheat consumption was associated with a 36 percent decrease in the odds of allergic skin reactions in mid-childhood.

Mystery Solved on why some asthma patients don’t respond to their medication!


At lease this question has been partially answered by a new study out of UK.  Passive smoke exposure among children with severe asthma was associated with lower levels of HDAC2 enzymes, making them less sensitive to inhaled steroid treatment, according to a small U.K. study in CHEST Journal. Those exposed to secondhand smoke in the home had almost half the enzyme levels compared with children living in nonsmoking households.  This study is yet another reason to stop smoking for parents specially if their children have asthma.