Author: Theresa Willett MD, PhD

About Theresa Willett MD, PhD

Dr. Theresa Willett is a Pediatrician and Immunologist with a passion for using education and technology to empower patients and their families. She has 5+ years of experience caring for patients from birth through college, and has strived to make the confusing landscape of health and medical care more understandable along the way. In her former position as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, she trained resident physicians and medical students in the science of medicine, and the art of medical care. As a lifelong lover of tech (proud geek!), she has enjoyed being an early adopter of mobile technologies that hold promise for patients and the doctors working with them to manage chronic health issues. At the age of 13, Dr. Willett was diagnosed with asthma, and this life-changing moment solidified her drive to become a physician to help others on their journey. Asthma can be a very scary illness for both the patient and the family, and there are no easy cures. Her pathway to medicine included research in Immunology, which is the study of the immune system. This system is responsible for fighting off infections, but it is also the source for allergy symptoms and autoimmunity (attack on the person’s own body) when the controls are misdirected. After 6 fulfilling years of laboratory work in 2 different areas of study, and achievement of a Ph.D. in Immunology, Dr. Willett knew that her diverse background would be helpful working directly with patients to identify and explain health issues. Her most personal topic, of course, is asthma, and she always looks forward to making another asthma patient’s journey at least a little less scary, and a lot less confusing.