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New Tech Boosts Science
(The Scientist, October 2011)

Health Tracking Goes High-Tech | Video
(CBS The Early Show, April 21, 2010)

How's Your Health? Technology is making it easier than ever to answer that question
(The Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2010)

Medicine goes mobile: iPhone apps take vitals, track viruses
(Scientific American, April 12, 2010)

Mobile Medicine: by Nature Video
(Nature, March 31, 2010)

FCC highlights AsthmaMD in Broadband Plan
(MobiHealthNews, March 16, 2010)

AsthmaMD Helps Asthma Sufferers, Gathers Aggregate Research Data
(TechCrunch, January 10, 2010)

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Using iPhone App to Crowd-Source Asthma Research
In the fight for managing asthma, researchers and patients now have a new tool in the form of an iPhone application.

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