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Goodbye, old confusing
paper-based action plan!

Introducing the first interactive
asthma action plan.

Never Forget to Take
Your Medications Again

The first of its kind fully integrated
medications reminder system.

Share Securely
with Your Physician...

...parents and school's health administrators.

Why AsthmaMD?

Log on the Go

Easily log your asthma attacks wherever you go. Customize triggers and medications for quicker entry.

Chart Severity

At-a-glance, graphical view of your PFM and severity.

Benefit Asthma Research

Anonymous, aggregate data will help correlate asthma with environmental factors, triggers and climate change.

Send to Physician

One-step process to send your asthma log and peak flow chart to your physician.

More features
AsthaMD Peak Flow Meter

Available now in 15 000 stores

AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter is a portable, inexpensive, hand-held device used to gauge lung performance. The meter measures your ability to push air out of your lungs in one fast blast.

Available now in 15 000 CVS & Walgreens stores.
You can buy it online at Amazon.

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What our users are saying

User Mpslaver

Fantastic app! I have two children with asthma and it’s difficult to keep up with all the medications, symptoms and peak flow readings. My physician reviews it at appointments as well.
Best app ever!

User Pupilot1984

“My asthma has gotten more severe over the last couple years. ...Was in the process of setting up an excel file to [track my asthma], but then found this app. Just amazing. Love the report sending function because I can just e-mail the report directly to my pulmonologist.”

User QDoc

“As both a physician and a long time mod-severe asthma patient this app is excellent!! I use it as a patient as well as recommend to my patients, treating docs and colleagues!! It is a simple straightforward system to help track your symptoms ... This is the first asthma program to correctly show my asthma scale with proper personal best without me entering it ... I highly recommend it.”

User Mom

“My daughter is part of a big asthma study and they recommended this app for tracking her meds and level of control. ... What is most helpful for us is the ability to show the data to medical professionals so they can see, at a glance, what meds she is on and how she’s doing. Thanks so much for a great tool for helping to manage their health!!!”

Mobile app features

The physician-developed AsthmaMD mobile app balances simplicity and feature-rich data, allowing better asthma monitoring.

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