AsthmaMD Frequently Asked Questions

How will AsthmaMD help asthma research?

Incidences of asthma has been steadily increasing and we physicians and researchers are trying hard to better understand the causes and the environmental factors behind it. When you log your asthma attack using AsthmaMD app, your anonymous data is encrypted before transmission and is aggregated for analysis by doctors and researchers. The mobile application will provide an unprecedented set of data to help advance asthma research, particularly as it relates to environmental factors, triggers and climate change.

Do I need a Peak Flow Meter to use the app?

With each asthma diary entry, you either need to:
1) enter your Peak Flow Measurement (measured using a Peak Flow Meter) OR,
2) select your most critical asthma symptom.

To get the most accurate severity categorization, we encourage you to enter your Peak Flow Measurement with each diary entry. There are several types of Peak Flow Meters available. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist about which type to use.

Which Peak Flow Measurement should I enter?

Chart the HIGHEST of your three readings into the AsthmaMD application. Also list any possible triggers you may have been experiencing as well the medication that you will be taking.

What if my symptoms zone is different than what the application is showing?

The Peak Flow Measurements (PFM) are calculated based on known standards using age, height, and sex of the user. So please double check these parameters to make sure there are no mistakes. That said, there may be variation in people's body. So we have added the "Symptoms" option to also document what symptom you are feeling at the moment. The application will correct your zone based on this. In the future versions, we plan to add more options for manual zone entry to personalize it more accurately.

Why doesn't your chart go show higher PFM numbers?

As you enter higher PFM values in your log, the graph will show higher range (it goes as high as 650). This program is designed to work for pediatrics and adults, so the graph is scalable depending on the user.

Can I add multiple users (asthma patients) in the same app?

AsthmaMD supports multiple users (asthma patients) on the same device. To add new user, go to "Settings" tab and then hit "Users". From there, click "Add user" and enter user information.

How do I share my asthma diary and charts with my physician?

First, add the recipient's name and email through "Settings" > "Recipients". Then, you can click the "Send" button from either the "Diary" or "Chart" tab, specify the time period, and then hit "Send." Your asthma diary, including the chart and entry details, will be sent to your designated recipient.

If my iPhone or iPod Touch is lost or stolen, will my diary be secure?

To prevent unauthorized access to your asthma diary entries, you may choose to password-protect the AsthmaMD application. To do so, create a password on the "Settings" tab and switch "Password protection" to the "On" position.

How is my data collected, transmitted, or used?

The app collects the following information with every saved asthma entry: Your age, height, asthma medication, asthma triggers, asthma symptoms, asthma severity, Peak Flow Measurement (PFM), geographical location and zip code. Every saved asthma entry is securely encrypted and transmitted via HTTPS protocol to a database managed by Google. For your protection, in addition to secure encryption, the saved asthma entry which is transmitted does not contain any Personal Identifiable Information (PII), which includes first name, last name and email address.

The aggregate anonymous database of all users data may be used to further help and improve asthma research, display asthma loci on geographical maps, track local and national asthma levels against weather, pollen, triggers and other external factors to monitor changes in asthma severity. Your non-personally identifiable data will greatly aid medical researchers' understanding of causes and factors of increasing asthma rates. You may choose not to participate and deactivate data transmission using the switch on the bottom of the License Agreement within the AsthmaMD application and continue using this application on a standalone basis. Deactivation of data transmission will also prevent your ability to recover lost data and/or password.

How do I stop my data transmission?

If you do not wish your non-personally identifiable data to be transmitted and used for asthma research, go to "Settings" tab and switch "Secured Transmission" to the "Off" position.

Why do you ask for my date of birth, height, and gender?

Your date of birth, height, and gender is used to customize your asthma severity zones (green/yellow/red). The zones vary by individual based on these factors.

What is My Medications?

My Medications is a list medications that you use for treating your asthma.

How do I change My Medications list?

You may update My Medications from "Settings" tab and then click on "Medications".

To delete a medication, swipe your finger left to right on the listed medication. Click on the red "Delete" button that appears.

To add a medication, click on the blue Add button. Medication dosage and frequency is required.

What is My Triggers?

My Triggers is a subset of asthma triggers that you specifically are affected by. It allows for easy and quick diary entry.

How do I change My Triggers list?

You may update My Triggers from "Settings" tab and then click on "Triggers".

To delete a trigger, swipe your finger left to right on the listed trigger. Click on the red "Delete" button that appears.

To add a trigger, click on the blue Add button.

How do I contact you to get more help or provide feedback?

We welcome your feedback! You may contact us at

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