New AsthmaMD Mobile Management Program Tackles Key Challenges in Controlling Asthma

Peak Flow Meter Device Pairs With Free App for Accurate Tracking of Symptoms

April 22, 2014

AsthmaMD, the leading asthma management application, is on a mission to modernize asthma care with the launch of its first retail product, the AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter. Available in 15,000 retail pharmacies across US, the AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter works with the newest AsthmaMD app and MyAsthmaMD secure cloud portal for physicians to help asthma patients more accurately track symptoms and medication adherence to preempt an attack. The multi-tiered asthma management program is the first to integrate physician-prescribed asthma action plans individualized to the patient into a simple process.

"The current adherence rate to Asthma Guidelines to have a written asthma action plan is only about 30 to 50 percent. AsthmaMD improves that by making it very simple and quick to create and edit an action plan with a simplified and sequential breakdown of each step in the individualized action plan," said Dr. Sam Pejham, co-creator of AsthmaMD and board certified pediatrician. "As a physician, I use this to save time and improve the quality of visits with my asthma patients by giving them a plan they can access and understand quickly right on their mobile device at all times."

AsthmaMD provides a wealth of educational material within the app, on the peak flow device and within the new web portal to help bridge the knowledge gap on asthma education. By inputting their physician-recommended management plan, the app will help patients to maintain adherence with medication reminders and insight into the patient's digital diary. The app also displays the information in graphs for a visual look at areas like their level of control or if they've been regular in taking medication for various periods of time.

"The truth is that 55 percent of patients do not know they are having symptoms because they are not obvious until an asthma attack occurs. Since it is important to monitor symptoms on a daily basis in order to preempt asthma attacks, our free program has the potential to reduce the 56 billion dollars spent nationwide annually," said Dr. Pejham. "The key is providing an easy tool with a simple and meaningful tracking journal. AsthmaMD users overall have an increased peak flow meter performance of 10 percent."

AsthmaMD also offers simple, secure sharing with your doctors. Now equipped with robust educational material, and the most accurate mechanical peak flow meter on the market, patients will be able to gather the most precise peak flow reading possible and effortlessly share it with their healthcare provider. AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter is available at 15,000 Walgreens and CVS stores nationwide and AsthmaMD is available for free in the Apple iTunes store.

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